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How to write a competitive Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship proposal.

Webinar Series

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships (MSCA IF) offer a great opportunity for experienced researchers to develop their career opportunities through mobility. The MSCA IF is an extremely competitive funding call. These are complex proposals to write well, requiring a multitude of inter-related arguments and justifications.

The deadline (9th September 2020) is now fast approaching. GrantCraft has a wealth of experience in supporting individuals with the preparation of these grants and the provision of proposal writing training.

This year we are offering remote access to our How to Write a Competitive MSCA IF Proposal webinar series. This webinar series comprises a set of videos which cover each component part of the MSCA IF B1 template. The template is broken down into a series of sub-sections and explanation is provided on the content, detail and justification which is required. The three main objectives of the webinar series are for you to:

1. Understand what MSCA IF reviewers are looking for.

2. Know what the key messages are which need to be communicated within the Excellence, Impact and Implementation sections of your proposal.

3. Have developed skills and knowledge to be able to write a competitive MSCA IF proposal.

The individual videos are entitled:

Video One: Introduction and Overview
Video Two: The Opening Page
Video Three: State of the Art, Specific Objectives and Overview of the Action
Video Four: The Research Methodology & Approach and Originality & Innovation Sections
Video Five: Interdisciplinary Aspects and the Gender Dimension
Video Six: Two-Way Transfer of Knowledge Between Researcher and Host
Video Seven: Quality of Supervision and Integration and Potential of the Researcher
Video Eight: Enhancing the Fellow’s Career Prospects
Video Nine: Quality of measures to disseminate, exploit and communicate
Video Ten: The Work Plan
Video Eleven: Appropriateness of management structure and procedures, and institutional environment
Video Twelve: Summary and points to remember.

These webinars can be purchased by individuals or for institutional access. The prices are:

Individual access: € 500 exclusive of any applicable VAT
For group discounts for institutions please contact us.

Payment can be made by BACS or PayPal.