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ERC Starting Grant training

New! ERC grant application training webinars.

Posted on 20th November 2020 by Chris

European Research Council (ERC) applications offer an unparalleled opportunity for researchers to undertake ambitious, fundamental, and bottom up (investigator led) research. Because of this, they are extremely competitive. To understand how to make your proposal stand out amongst such a strong field, GrantCraft have put together the following webinar series

Funding Landscape

The Funding Landscape for UK Researchers:
A state of suspended animation

Posted on 1st December 2020 by Vicky

Future options for research funding within UK academia are mired in uncertainty. Whilst increasingly obvious as 2020 unfolded, the past few weeks have driven this fact home. Over this period I have been carrying out a substantial piece of analytical work for a UK research centre.


Covid-19: Immediate Research opportunities

Updated on 10 November 2020 by Mark

Researchers from across the world are currently coming together to find new knowledge to help in the fight against Coronavirus, and to increase the resilience of countries and health systems in tackling the on-going pandemic.