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How to Write a Competitive ERC Application

Webinar Training Series

European Research Council (ERC) applications are the World Championships of research funding. They offer an unparalleled opportunity for researchers to undertake ambitious, fundamental, and bottom up (investigator led) research. Because of this, they are extremely competitive. To understand how to make your proposal stand out amongst such a strong field, GrantCraft have put together the following webinar series. This is based on over a decade of experience and analysis of several hundred (successful and unsuccessful) ERC applications.

This webinar series will not only give an insight into the funding criteria, but will cover both written and unwritten rules that determine success. In addition, the series is designed to provide a framework that will enable you put together an optimised application by breaking down the B1 and B2 templates into a series of sub-sections and providing you with the content, detail and justification which is required. The three main objectives of the webinar series are for you:

 1. To understand what the ERC reviewers are looking for in a standout application.
2. To know the key messages and nuances which need to be communicated within B1 (the extended synopsis, CV and track record) and B2 (full proposal).
3. To develop the skills and knowledge required to be able to write a competitive ERC proposal.

The course is composed of 13 webinars and a single 1-to-1 Q & A session with a GrantCraft specialist consultant.

The individual webinars are entitled:

 Webinar 1: Introduction and Overview
Webinar 2: Criteria 1 – Importance and ambition of your project
Webinar 3: Criteria 2 – High risk, high gain, and feasible research
Webinar 4: Criteria 3 – The PI
Webinar 5: Structuring B1 – Presenting a convincing rationale
Webinar 6: Structuring B1 – Capturing Ambition
Webinar 7: Structuring B1 – Challenges and objectives, risk and gain
Webinar 8: Structuring B1 – Reinforcing feasibility
Webinar 9: Structuring B2 – CV and track record, tips and tricks
Webinar 10: Structuring B2 – Expanding the state of the art
Webinar 11: Structuring B2 – Building a convincing methodology
Webinar 12: Structuring B2 – Project planning, risk, and aligning resources
Webinar 13: Summary and proposal development strategy
One-to-one consultant Q&A: Instructions for booking this session are given in Webinar 13

See our introductory video below as an example!

Introductory ERC Training Video

Take a look at our free introductory video so you can see for yourself what this excellent webinar series can offer.

These webinars can be purchased by individuals or for institutional access. The costs are:
Individual access: € 500 exclusive of any applicable VAT.
Institutional group discounts are available: Please contact us to discuss your requirements through our enquiries form.

(Please note that if you are already taking advantage of our full immersive support package whilst you write your application then this webinar series is included free of charge).

Payment can be made by BACS (contact us for this), PayPal, or credit card. Please enter a valid university email address at the payment site and we will email you secure links to the video series within 24 hours.