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Post-doctoral fellowship

MSCA-Postdoctoral Fellowship: GrantCraft Support options

MSCA-PFs are highly competitive and the proposals are extremely complex to write. It is essential to weave multiple arguments relating to training, development, impact, and knowledge exchange throughout the bid. Grantcraft have many years of experience and hundreds of successful Marie Curie applications that we have helped develop. From this, we have refined two modes of support that can help you ensure that your proposal is targeted to the MSCA-PF call and addresses all of the criteria across the Excellence, Impact, and Implementation sections.

We have a track record of an extremely high success rate which is achieved through an immersive one-to-one support process. We will guide and support you through the production of multiple iterations of your proposal as you refine and extend key messages whilst building the document. We will show you how to optimise the structure of the proposal and integrate all the additional required arguments, justifications, and details to make your application as competitive as possible. Our standard rate for support of an individual MSCA-PF is 1800 Euros (exclusive of any applicable VAT).

In addition to our one to one support, we also provide a one day live workshop (delivered online) designed to provide applicants with the competencies required to write a strong MSCA-PF application. The ‘How to Write a Competitive MSCA-PF Proposal’ Workshop comprises two main components:

1. Overview of the MSCA-PF: This initial short introductory component of the workshop provides:
- An overview of what the purpose of a MSCA-PF is and what the scheme’s objectives are.
- A summary of the main changes that have been made for the 2021 call.
- An explanation of how to structure the main (10 page) B1 proposal document, including layout, terminology, and the use of section headings and sub-headings.

2. Detailed examination of the proposal template (part B1): During this component of the workshop, participants are guided through the three sections of B1 (Excellence, Impact, and Implementation) and the evaluation criteria. They will learn how to complete each section including the detail that is needed, and the arguments and justifications that must be made.

Participants will take part in exercises throughout the workshop. This will both help to consolidate their learning and enable them to develop a strong framework upon which to build their proposal.

Our standard rate for this workshop (up to 20 participants) is 3000 Euros (exclusive of any applicable VAT), however we can amend the number of participants and related pricing on a case-by-case basis.

Historically, both services have been in high demand, so we encourage you to get in touch early if you are interested in either of these support options.