Our Internship Scheme: New Vacancy!

Written by Mark, June 2021


Since 2018 we have been welcoming undergraduate Interns from universities to undertake paid employment in our company, contribute to our growth, and to develop the vital skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Viola MadauFor example, In 2019 we welcomed Viola into our team as Graphic Design & Branding Assistant, a role which enabled her to apply her exceptional graphic design and branding knowledge alongside completing her degree in Digital Media at the University of Stirling.

Viola developed invaluable skills that she will take forward in her future career:

“This placement gave me the opportunity to develop both hard and soft skills. Not only was I able to learn new things within my field and do it in a comfortable working environment, but I improved my remote working skills as well. At the beginning of my placement I did not know yet how important working remotely would then become for my industry.”

Viola has gone on to achieve a first-class degree and we are delighted that Viola will continue to work with us part-time in the future via her own company.

New Intern Vacancy for 2021!

ToSynFuel EU Project: Creating advanced bio-fuels from sewage sludge

TO-SYN-FUEL is a Horizon 2020 research and innovation project that will demonstrate pre-commerical scale production of advanced bio-fuels derived from sewage sludge for the transport sector. Bio fuel carThese bio-fuels have the equivalent chemical properties of fossil-derived petrol and diesel and can be used in conventional engines without modification or loss of performance.

WRG Europe is one of the primary outreach and communication partners in the project and is responsible for ensuring this exciting technology reaches its target audience and engages with the public, industry and key stakeholders to garner maximum impact and exploitation.

As part of this, WRG is creating a substantial PR event comprising a Europe-wide TopGear style car tour to publicise the project and its technology.

For this we are creating an internship vacancy to support the planning, implementation, administration, and publicity of this event. You will be actively involved in planning the routes and the associated logistics for the tour, including arranging dedicated promotional days at specific locations on the tour for local politicians, policymakers, and industry. The tour will be supplemented by a comprehensive social media campaign to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience.

To apply for this position you must be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Experience in digital marketing and communications (essential).
  • Experience of using websites, social media, and other digital platforms for promotional activities (essential).
  • Experience of planning and organisation of projects or events (essential).
  • Experience of maximising digital engagement, such as through Search Engine Optimisation (essential).
  • Knowledge of industry media tools such as After Effects and Dreamweaver (preferable).
  • Knowledge of the news media industry (preferable).
  • Highly self-disciplined and self-motivated to work automonously, independently, and remotely (essential).
  • Multi-lingual -English and at least one other language (preferable).
  • Benefits

  • Hands-on experience of being part of a multi-million Euro-funded research project.
  • Opportunity to actively contribute to a ground-breaking project that will help the environment.
  • Development of transferable skills including effective communication and self-management.
  • Real world experience of working in a small, fast-paced company.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Working from home.
  • Potential for on-going work beyond the internship.
  • An employer reference.
  • To apply for this position, please send your latest CV along with a Covering Letter to If you have any questions with regard to this vacancy, please contact us.

    We look forward to hearing from you!