Set for Success: Our Internship Scheme

Written by Ruth, 02 September 2020

Since 2018 we have been welcoming Interns from universities across the UK to undertake paid employment in our company, contribute to our growth, and to develop the vital skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

In 2018 we hired Shahir, a final year Economics and Accounting undergraduate from the University of Leicester to take on the role of Digital Marketing Assistant. Following a successful application process and interview, Shahir was selected from amongst his fellow students and went on to excel in his role, contributing to our long-term marketing strategies. Shahir’s contributions during his internship were celebrated by the University of Leicester and Shahir himself offered the following reflections on experiences gained:

“Throughout this placement, I have learnt many technical skills through developing WRG’s website by link-building through on-page SEO, search engines and social media…I have also developed many interpersonal skills. In particular, time-management and self-discipline have been very important in a role where I am working remotely.”

Alongside developing technical and interpersonal skills, Shahir became a fully-fledged member of our team:

“WRG were very accommodating in enabling me to take time off to celebrate Eid and make up for it without compromising outcomes…

…my internship at WRG has been a very immersive experience, where I was continually learning many valuable skills through vast exposure to many areas of Digital Marketing.”

Viola MadauIn 2019 we welcomed Viola into our team as Graphic Design Assistant, a role which enabled her to apply her exceptional graphic design and branding knowledge alongside completing her degree in Digital Media at the University of Stirling.

Viola developed invaluable skills that she will take forward in her future career:

“This placement gave me the opportunity to develop both hard and soft skills. Not only was I able to learn new things within my field and do it in a comfortable working environment, but I improved my remote working skills as well. At the beginning of my placement I did not know yet how important working remotely would then become for my industry.”

Viola has gone on to achieve a first-class degree and we are delighted that Viola will continue to work with us part-time in the future.

We continue to offer these opportunities, with the latest additions to our team undertaking a comprehensive PR activity to implement media, industry, and public engagement for an EU-funded research project. Two recent graduates, Lewis and Megan, are working collaboratively on this exciting new project, which brings together our company’s expertise in securing research funding and outreach and dissemination.

If you would like any further information regarding our internship scheme or any other aspect of our work, please do not hesitate to contact us.