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SME Growth

Grantcraft Services for UK Small Businesses

Helping you to win the funds you need to translate your innovation into income and growth

The last 2 years has been an incredibly challenging time for small businesses to stay afloat let alone grow. However, Innovate UK has continued to provide funding opportunities for innovative small business through schemes like the Smart Grant. Moreover, we are anticipating a positive change in the funding landscape as more schemes are introduced to eleviate some of the complexities and difficulties with small UK businesses partcipating in certain areas of Horizon Europe.

Our Experience

Mark Langley is our principle expert in industrial funding having spent over two decades working with and for research and technology based companies. He has coordinated and managed several multi-million pound UK and EU projects that included major aerospace customers such as Rolls-Royce. Since joining WRG Europe, he has supported dozens of small businesses from start-ups through to more established businesses in applying for Smart Grants and other Innovate UK schemes such as via the Advanced Propulsion Centre or the Biomedical Catalyst.

Our Services

The service you will receive is typically our application support and appraisal service. This means you will take primary responsibility for writing the application, but we will work very closely with you from the outset to structure and optimise the document. Unlike some of our competitors, our services also encompass reviewing your business and project plans, risks, and finances, and ensuring you meet the call eligibility criteria. This is because, very often, these are the areas where applications fail.

We do not place a cap on the number of reviews and optimisations we undertake. As ever, we will be available outside of normal office hours, including weekends, at no extra cost, to support your application. If you wish, we can undertake blocks of writing on your behalf, but this would be subject to a separate agreed day rate. Our expertise will ensure that you will maximise the chances of your application being successful.

Confidence in Us

We understand how important your intellectual property is to you. We treat your information in the strictest confidence and ensure there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place so you can proceeed with us with confidence.

EU Funding Schemes

If the funding streams under Innovate UK are not appropriate for your needs, we are happy to talk to you about applying for other funding opportunities outside of the UK, such as Horizon Europe.

We have submitted! Thank you for your enormous support. You have been brilliant! -Smart Award Client